We are three dimensional beings and we can best relate to objects in three dimensions. There is more information available to us as we move around something and experience it from multiple angles, see it in different lighting, get up close and scrutinize the detail, touch it and move the object. There is nothing like a 3D model to bring a concept
to life!

3D Carib model makers creates fully custom three dimensional (3D) models that are used to represent an actual product, design or concept. We can make anything from a simple mock-up of the general shape or concept to a highly detailed reproduction of the product – scaled up or scaled down – depending on your needs. We start with your idea, sketch, photo or full-blown 3D CAD file. The model maker translates your starting point into a design to be approved, and then builds a 3D model in the size and finish 100% customized. We offer 25 years of custom presentation models.