ProJet® 3510 DPPro

ProJet® 3510 DPPro

Using 3D Systems’ MultiJet Printing (MJP) technology, this printer provides high-quality customized prints for immediate casting, pressing, patient education and testing. With a choice of materials that fit into existing production workflows, including USP Class VI-capable VisiJet® Stoneplast, the ProJet 3510 DPPro makes accepted production methods faster, easier and more effective. The large build volume means more wax-ups or models in less time, and its unparalleled accuracy ensures excellent clinical outcomes every time. Efficient material use, highly automated post-processing and a five-year print head warranty mean you can print with confidence and keep costs down.



Precise wax-up and dental 3D model production at the speed of 3D printing.

Engineered specifically for dental lab use, the high-capacity ProJet 3510 DPPro 3D printer will take your productivity to the next level. With round-the-clock operation and same-day cycle times, this dental CAD/CAM printer dramatically reduces lead times and costs. The ProJet 3510 DPPro quickly prints accurate wax-ups for the production of prosthetic devices, manufactures precision working models in a stone-like material, and produces drill guides in durable plastic material.

Unmatched 3D Print Quality for Clinically Feasible Results
The ProJet 3510 DPPro accurately, consistently and economically manufactures precision wax-ups and dental models in dental laboratories. Verified accuracy for dental applications ensures you can get the perfect fit every time. With extremely smooth surface finish and uniformly thin walls, ProJet 3510 DPProusers enjoy an average of 20% savings on alloy consumption and 50% savings on framework finishing time.

Highest Capacity
The ProJet 3510 DPPro is designed for 24/7 use, allowing laboratories to boast same-day cycle times, reduced lead times and diminished costs. The printer can generate hundreds of units per cycle that are ready for conventional casting and pressing, and it is capable of producing any size model in a choice of two materials and two print modes: smooth and matte. The height of productivity, this printer can produce up to 24 quad cases in a single build and up to 18 partial frameworks in around five hours.

Easy Post-Processing
Post-processing parts from the ProJet 3500 series is almost completely automated — no spraying high pressure water, scraping or picking to remove support material.  Just place printed parts in the ProJet finisher oven, and the wax supports melt away hands-free. Dozens of prints can be post-processed simultaneously, without manual labor.

Three 3D Printers in One
The ProJet 3510 DPPro makes casting and pressing ready wax-ups, accurate stone-like models, and USP Class VI drill guides, all with one machine.

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