3D scanning enables you to quickly capture accurate data of your parts for use in any manufacturing process. No matter how many objects you have, Abordage 3D can help you dramatically increase your productivity and efficiency. Realize the immediate benefits 3D scanning has to offer today!

Reverse Engineering has never been easier! Whether you need shrink-wrap data, an IGES file, or even a fully parametric SolidWorks model, Abordage 3D is ready to deliver. We consult with you from the start of every project to ensure you’re getting the data you need. No cookie cutter results here!
Because every project is different, you have different options for how your object is modeled, including standard formats for use in manufacturing, tooling and more. We even create fully parametric models that retain complete feature tree data with our advanced

Quality inspection using 3D laser scanning is a fast and simple way to compare as-built physical parts to as-designed digital models, empowering you to easily discover surface deviations such as warpage, tooling deterioration, and other defects..DIGITACION EN 3D
Digitalización en 3D le permite capturar rápidamente los datos precisos de sus partes para su uso en cualquier proceso de fabricación. No importa la cantidad de objetos que tienes, Abordage 3D puede ayudarle a aumentar dramáticamente su productividad y eficiencia. Darse cuenta de los beneficios inmediatos de escaneo 3D tiene para ofrecer hoy!